"The Sky is not the Limit... It's a Playground!"

Kitfox S7 STi (STOL Inspired)


What is the STi? In essence it is a "STOL inspired" modified wing for the Kitfox Series 7. The STi is intended for the pilot who wants to fly low over the river, follow the winding valleys, hop from short field to short field while comfortably clearing obstacles...and who refuses to give up the "fun" factor of the Kitfox. Although a bigger wing, it is not lathargic like other slower platforms.  The STi lowers the already low stall speed of our standard wing by approximately 10 MPH which allows for even slower flight and slower approach speeds, giving a little extra time while flying into those tighter landing strips. The wing does most of the work, so anyone who is comfortable flying our standard Kitfox wing can fly this wing with confidence! There are no special tricks or techniques required... simply a normal stabilized approach.


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