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Kitfox S7 Speedster

Kitfox Speedster! Based on the highly succesful Kitfox S7 Super Sport, we have created a clipped wing, aerodynamically refined and superbly stylized tail dragger.
The Speedster was originally introduced in 1992 using the Model IV platform and was demonstrated by Jimmy Franklin at Oshkosh that same year. Whats old is NEW again.  At Oshkosh 2017 Kyle Franklin (who was 13 when his dad flew the Model IV Speedster) demonstrated the New S7 Speedster.

"Having just completed creating the commemorative acro program, I can honestly say that the new Kitfox Speedster has exceeded my expectations by a factor of ten."
(Kyle Franklin)

Welcome to the FUN flying arena that begs to reder stright and level obsolete.


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