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Click to visit the Stick & Rudder Aviation website

You have invested your time and money into making your dream of owning and building a Kitfox a reality.  This is a very important time and should not be taken lightly.  It should be exhilerating and you should be celebrating.  Congratualtions!  You now have one of the best performing and fun flying sport aircraft on the market.

Now is the time to get quality Kitfox training.  Stick & Rudder Aviation is an Idaho based,  Kitfox factory endorsed flight school that offers the best in tail wheel training, mountain / canyon flying and Kitfox type specific training.  Get yourself current with the safety of a specialized instructor beside you. Maybe you even need a flight review or want to experience some of the wonderful mountin flying the Idaho has to offer.  Bending an airplane is not enjoyable and you have spent your time and money wisely.  Take the time, don't take the chance.

Click to visit the Stick & Rudder Aviation website


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