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Kitfox Classic IV Fuselage Kit $8995.00
Wing Kit $4795.00
Landing Gear Kit  (Specify Main Gear Type - Tail - Tri-gear) $2995.00
Cover Kit $843.00
Complete Firewall Back Kit  (Savings of $1633.00 when complete FWB is purchased)  above items can be purchased seperately $15995.00



Popular Options

Powder Coating (White) $675.00
Wing Tank, 13 Gallon (left) - Makes total of 26 gallons $435.00
LP - One Piece Acrylic Windshield - add 85 for Tint $420.00
LP - Windshield Install Kit $56.00
LP - Acrylic Bubble Doors - add 85 for Tint $480.00
Nose Gear Kit $1395.00
Delete Tail Wheel <$250.00>
Speedster Tail Kit  Horizontal and Vertical          What is this ? $325.00
Bottom False Rib Kit                                   What is this ? $130.00
Dual Brake Kit $375.00
Electric Pitch Trim Upgrade $460.00
Wing Lift Strut Fairings                                 What is this ? $295.00
Fiberglass Wing Tip (Hoerner Style)  Upgrade $280.00
Aluminum Spring Gear Upgrade - Tail Wheel or Tri-gear Aircraft $1195.00



Quick Build Options

Quick Build Wing $1295.00
Wing Pre-Rig to Fuselage $395.00




Many other options and enhancements such as, custom covers, upholstery kits, decals etc.  are available and can be purchased separately.








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