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The Kitfox Series 7 introduces a variety of both major and subtle changes in the Kitfox history of ongoing product development.  Most noteworthy is a variety of engine system enhancements that have resulted in an airplane that can cruise at over 150 mph, fly 700 miles non-stop, and heft a useful load of 700 pounds.  Through use of the remarkable Rotax 914, turbo-charged engine, the Kitfox Series 7 has a service ceiling of 25,000 feet, meaning it can operate from any public use airport in the United States, without concern over runway length, field elevation or air temperature. 

Flight control improvements have lowered the landing speed and reduced aileron induced yaw.  The larger elevator and new manual trim system strengthen pitch authority and stability.  The entire Rotax engine installation has been greatly simplified, resulting in a significant reduction in assembly time.  This new installation also results in much improved windshield weatherproofing.  Like the Kitfox Series 6, which has been replaced by the Series 7, convertible landing gear, folding wings, and many custom features are standard. 

While many of the Series 7 performance improvements are achieved with the Rotax 914, Continental and Lycoming engines, in addition to the popular Rotax 912S, remain very popular engine choices.  Most Series 7 improvements can be retrofitted to the Kitfox Series 5 and 6.

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