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Model 3 (1990)         Serial #749-1215

The Kitfox Model 3 featured structural changes that were designed to improve flight characteristics and provide a better platform for more powerful engines like the new 80 HP Rotax 912.  A larger vertical stabilizer and rudder were added, as well as larger, stronger lift struts and spar carry through tubes in the fuselage.  The gross weight was increased to 1050 pounds, but the empty weight only went up by a few pounds.  This was the last Kitfox to use the original airfoil and flight control system introduced on the Model 1.

The Model 3 was the first major attempt to aggressively deal with the yaw control issue.  It should be remembered that we are not talking about yaw instability, but a neutral yaw condition.  In other words, it was desired to have the airplane return to straight flight after pressing a rudder without having to move it back with your feet.  Much of this objective was achieved by increasing the size of the vertical fin.  The flaperon system is identical to the Model 1 and Model 2, with very similar handling characteristics.  Again, the higher gross weight requires one to practice at least average tailwheel skills.

Gross weight

1050 lbs.

Average cruise speed

85 mph

Stall Speed

37 mph

Average empty weight

460 lbs.

Average useful load

590 lbs.

Max speed (Vne)

100 mph

Cabin width

39.5 in.

Wing span

32 ft.

Length (wings folded)

21 ft. 1 in.

Width (wings folded)

7 ft. 10 in.


67 in

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