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Kitfox Super Sport - SLSA !

Proudly Built and Manufactured in the USA

The Kitfox SLSA is a Proven Design refined over many years to exacting standards of handling, durability, economy, appearance, utility, reliability and performance.  This is a great airplane. A Real Airplane which will take you to the places you dream to go and do it with style.

The Kitfox design over 29 years ago and has evolved into an American classic.  Over 5000 kits have been delivered into over 42 countries around the world.  The evolution in the design has resulted in an aircraft that is as at home in the back country as it is at your local FBO.  Customers choose the Kitfox because of its ease to build, impeccable safety record, fun flying characteristics, folding wings, great STOL performance, and the level of customer service reputation we've built over the years.  29 years of development and testing, over a million accumulated flight hours it's no wonder the Kitfox has the safest record in the industry.  Safety must be first in your Light Sport Aircraft choice.

Now with the latest development of the Kitfox SLSA, even those who do not want to build one can enjoy flying the best light sport aircraft.




Base Price $95,995

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